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goat kid

Little T Farms is nestled in the rolling hills of Desoto County, Mississippi. Since 1998 our dairy goats, free range laying hens, and cattle have been producing milk, cheese, eggs, and meat for our family and many friends.

Among our customers are parents of children with sensitive digestive systems, adults with cow milk allergies or other varied health problems. We have several customers who are just concerned about the quality of the food they eat.

Our dairy goat farm is devoted to the care and raising of kids, four to be exact - Tori, Tyler, Timmy, and Tabitha. Our lifestyle is devoted to the development of motivated, educated, and God fearing children. Given our background and interests, we felt the farm life was the best way for us to reach that goal. While farm life is not always easy, it has proven to be a very special time in our lives.

Todd and Denise Willis

Little T Farms
4840 Davis Road
Southaven, MS 38671